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Susanna Sääskilahti


I'm artist and curator. I have studied various techniques in Finland and in abroad. I work in Finnish National Gallery as I'm art historian and I take care of Time Based Media Art. Beside history of art I have studied also art education, philosophy and writing. In my art I use mostly aquarelle, acrylics, oil and drawing. Art is my passion and I have inner need to my art at my studio.

My artistic statement


I wish to give strong and deep expression of being in my art. Characteristic to my painting is expression of vulnerability and strength at the same time, certain kind of lightness and heaviness.  Subjects I get from nature, art and from my inner life. I love colors and they mean to me joy, vitality, light and playfulness. Darkness means intensive feelings which anchor us to our life. I love music, poems, literature and art history and I use them often freely as an inspiration to my art works.



1988 - 1996 MA


Private Exhibition
Month young artist, Gumbostrandt Konst och Form 9.9. – 6.10.2016

Collaborative Exhibitions
Valon välittämät, Puotilan Kartano 5.7. – 12.8.2018
Celebration in the City, Galleria Fogga, Helsinki 29.7. - 17.8.2017
Harjavallan akvarellibiennaali – Kotiseutu ja kansainvälisyys Harjavallan taidemuseo, 2.8. - 16.10.2016

Group Exhibitions
Äiti ja minä, Tikkurilan kirjasto, Vantaa, 11.5. – 30.5.2015
Äiti ja minä, Avoimen Aallon käsivarapiirustusryhmän näyttely, Otaniemi, 1.4. – 23.4.2015
Liikkuvat akvarellistit Toscanassa, Eurooppasali, Helsinki 3.7.–27.7.2012




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